81 mins | AUS/Taiwan | World music documentary

Dir: Tim Cole

6pm - Saturday 22nd May

Byron Theatre

$30 FILMMAKERS FULL DAY PASS. 12-11pm - Saturday 22nd May
Byron Theatre

Filmed over four years on 16 island nations across the Pacific & Indian Oceans, SMALL ISLAND BIG SONG follows the ocean highways uniting ancient musical lineages. From Madagascar to Rapa Nui/Easter Island, Taiwan to Zenadth Kes/The Torres Strait. A heartfelt plea for environmental awareness and cultural preservation from those on the frontline of the climate crisis with an incredible original soundtrack.

"Opening with a traditional chant sung on a headland in Taiwan, it heads next to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) then across the Mozambique Channel to Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Solomon Islands, to name but a few. In that way the album also pays homage to the ancient Taiwanese migrants who pushed out their boats 5000 years ago, embarking on a seafaring journey across half the earth’s surface and creating an extraordinary cultural diaspora."  - Sydney Morning Herald

SMALL ISLAND BIG SONG was filmed, directed and edited by award-winning music producer Tim Cole (Not Drowning Waving) and features artists from across half the planet from Aotearoa to Madagascar. It is accompanied by a full length album that brings together the different cultural voices of each musician into an ensemble that cross oceans and time.

"Our ancestors were bridge builders, they found strengths in forming allies in unity. Our generation must keep walking this path to continue the essence of our core values." - Sauljaljui, Paiwan - Taiwan

“If you hear an Are'Are song you can feel and see how long it has been there. The songs are documents of who we are, the only gift our ancestors gave us." - Charles Maimarosia, Are'Are - The Solomon Islands

​“The knowledge and values in the songs are in more than the words. They are in the tempo and the melody. They are in the vibration.” - Alena Murang, Kelabit - Borneo


"In our globalised, computerised world, music can bring us awareness of who we are, our history and our values and our connection to nature. I bring what my grandfather poured into me.” - Yoyo Tuki, Rapa Nui - Easter Island

Read more about the film and its amazing cast of musicians at the official website here: and it's