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Dir: George Miller

Musicians: Tom Thum, Benjamin Walsh, Shenzo Gregorio

8pm Saturday 8th May

Byron Theatre

Experience the world’s most high-octane action film with a full-throttle original live score for a unique immersive cinematic event like no other. The unique BLACK & CHROME edition transforms the blockbuster action film into an art-house masterpiece. revealing director George Miller and cinematographer John Seale’s visionary film in a new light through stripping it back to its monochrome essentials.

This unique live cinema experience features acclaimed musicians TOM THUMB (beatbox, sound FX), BENJAMIN WALSH (percussion and drums) and SHENZO GREGORIO (violin, guitar, synth) for a musical re-imagining of Fury Road like you’ve never seen or heard it before.

“…armed with nothing but a microphone can emulate – in an era of vocoder-heavy, synthesised pop – TOM THUM is a compelling reminder of the extreme limits to which the human body can be pushed. His prodigious skills in mimicry have earned him a swag of awards at the Adelaide fringe festival, Australian hip-hop awards and 2010’s best noise and sound effects at the World Beatbox Convention in Berlin.” ~ Guardian Australia


Check out Tom Thum’s solo TED-X performance here:

World-renowned percussionist BENJAMIN WALSH (Pablo Percusso, The Bird, Orkestra of the Underground) with his wall-shaking energy is the driving force behind many innovative and groundbreaking musical projects. Walsh has explored the potential of live soundtrack from adapting Shaun Tan’s The Arrival to the solo Remix Experiment, Walsh is a musical virtuoso that continues to push boundaries as one of Australia’s most innovative live musicians.


SHENZO GREGORIO is one of Australia’s most sought after string players (violin, viola, mandolin, guitar, bass) not only because of his technical prowess, but also because he covers all different styles from classical to gypsy with equal ease and virtuosity. A true multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, he has performed internationally with acclaimed contemporary classical quartet Fourplay, as musical director of Opera Australia and violinist for gypsy-jazz ensemble Monsieur Camembert.

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