55 mins | AUS | Radical mashup comedy

Dir: Soda_Jerk

7pm Friday 21st May

Byron Theatre

Part political satire, part eco-horror and part road movie, Terror Nullius is a political revenge fable which offers an unwriting of Australian national mythologies. The apocalyptic desert camps of Mad Max 2 become the site of refugee detention, flesh-eating sheep are recast as anti-colonial insurgents and a feminist motorcycle gang goes vigilante on Mel Gibson. Binding together a documentary impulse with the bent plotlines of Australian film texts, Soda_Jerk’s revisionist history opens a wilful narrative space where cinema fictions and historical facts permeate each other in new ways.


Famously commissioned by and then rejected by the Ian Potter Foundation (in association with ACMI), the film breaks every copyright law in the book, but manages to do so with such digital literacy that it has transcended copyright and exists as an artistic milestone, the pinnacle of Australian underground film culture dismembering the cultural tropes and cliches and creating an entirely new kind of cinematic experience -  and it’s hilarious.


About the Directors:

Soda_Jerk is a two-person art collective who work exclusively with sampled material and pirated cinema to make experimental documentary films.

Purchase a double feature pass for entry into both Opening night films Terror Nullius +
The Witch of Kings Cross